How to become a member

Membership Requirements

  • MALC is a consortium of academic libraries ( universities, degree colleges and colleges). It is also open to research libraries that require access to academic resources.
  • Members pay an annual fee and participate in consortium tasks.
  • Members must have Internet access with a public IP address and should have IT staff or contracted IT support to manage and maintain IT infrastructure.

Types of membership

There are two types of MALC membership:

Full member – academic libraries from universities, degree colleges and colleges.

Associate member –  research libraries that require access to academic resources.

How to become a MALC member

  1. Send a letter to the MALC President asking to join the Consortium. Your request for membership will be discussed by the Board of Members. If the response is positive, you will receive a formal letter inviting you to join MALC.
  2. You must then sign the MALC Memorandum of Understanding and Membership Agreement; provide us with contact information by filling in the New Member Information Form, and information about IT by filling in the Technological Infrastructure Form.
  3. Pay member fees to the MALC account.

Membership fee

  • An Annual Membership fee is decided by the Board of Members by a majority of votes and is adjusted annually. For 2020 the fee is set for 120,000 MMK. The fee covers membership from 1 October 2020 till 30 September 2021.
  • Full members and Associate members pay the same fee. They receive the same benefits, except that Associate members are not eligible to serve on the Board of Members.
  • Annual fee payment should be made in October, the beginning of the Fiscal year, to the MALC’s account.
  • New members can join at any time, and will be charged  the annual fee amount.